• Hi Brad  Great post.  These people are so negative and don't look at the bigger picture before send these emails. They have developed this way through life but are too arrogant to change themselves.  Cheers JH

  • P K

    You are correct. I don't like the mentality some people have of "the customer is always right". That's bullshit. A lot of the times customers are wrong, and you don't need to put up with everyone's shit all the time.

    Felix Dennis who owns Dennis Publishing, one of the largest independent publishing companies says when it comes to your business, you have to be ruthless.

  • Hi Brad, that's one damn cool way to deal with client, but i think you can only do something like that when you have a lot of clients or the client doesn't make a huge fortune for your company so get rid one of them is a wise step to move. But what if it is a tiny startup and really rely on this shitty client ? love to hear your opinion :)

  • Ken Graham

    I think you wrote my story Brad, more directly, more to the point and more eloquently than I could have. My term was "Never piss on me"  I'm a helluva lot easier to turn on than I am to turn off.
    While I don't like starting "wars" I do tend to go sadistically overboard in bringing about a finish. I'm just, hopefully, coming out of possibly the weirdest battle of words I've ever been involved in,  in my life and it had nothing to do with sales, but everything to do with "simply" dropping someone  from my Facebook friend list ...and then, all hell broke loose. 
    Reading your post, I saw things that seemed just too familiar. 
    If you ever decide to turn your post into a PLR, let me know, I'd like something like that in my verbal armoury. :D

  • I feel yuh bro... Seen my fair share of nasty emails that were totally unwarranted. One thing I've learned though is that a loud pissed off customer turned into a happy customer, usually becomes a loud happy customer.

  • Didn't you ever hear the phrase "Kill Them With Kindness"?  Everyone has a bad day sometimes!

    I would think you would look at them as someone needing something and try to turn them around. 

    When someone complains why not give them something free. Instead of having them run around bitchin about you wouldn't it be better to have them running around saying I complained about Brad Gosses Bla Bla and he gave me a refund and a ticket for a free ride in his Mercedes Benz SLS., but there's always a catch, he wants me to sign a waiver not to sue him if he crashes and we die and I have to agree to pay the ticket if I wanna go over 150 mph. LOL LOL LOL!! jus kiddin on that one but I'm sure you get my point. 

    My question is "Has a Vegan ever gone 150 mph???" I'm a Vegan and I've only been up to 135 mph. 
    A Vegan?? That's someone that lives in Vegas, Right? LOL LOL 

    As a customer like myself we deal with alot of krapola and yes sometimes we lash out when we think we've been done wrong or can't figure out how to make something work right. 

    I'm personally always nice to CS only for CS to be rude to me and quite often avoid answering my questions or sending me the same bad info again that didn't work the first time because they don't know anything about the program and just have a list of answers they use for FAQ and outside of that they know nothing about the product. I already read the FAQ or I wouldn't be here.

    Brad Callens CS ticket is totally worthless as far as I'm concerned and has prevented me from buying any of his Great products, which is sad cause He's my Hero because I've learned more about IM and SEO from him for free than I have from all the krap I've bought. In my opinion is his only downfall is his CS and lack of an affiliate program where you can promote all his products in one place. I would love that.

    I avoid products that use that stupid CS ticket cause usually it's not in house employees but farmed out CS with people that aren't even familar with the product. A total waste of time, I might as well talk to the wall.

    So, my hats off to Justin for his GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! 

    I think You should look at the complaining people as the ones that truly need your help. IMers teach that they make money by helping people, but then dump the people are actually trying to do something and really need help, because it's just too time consuming. Would they be complaining if they weren't interested? Sure you help people make money as long as they don't bother you and cost you time away from taking pictures of your fancy cars an houses. LOL!! 

    My main complaint I have is every time I buy something then that's the last I hear about it, Then it's on to selling me something else, and I'm like hey wait a minute I bought this and would like to put it to work before I buy something else, where's the instructions for that. How about a follow-up email after a week or a few days saying Hey I'm just checking in on you to see how you're doing with XXXX product You bought and let you know there's Bla Bla and Bla Bla that shows you Bla Bla and case studies that might help you. But no, It's sell it and forget it and move on, Right!!

    I won't mention any names but I recently bought a product from someone that was selling someone elses product and it was total krap in my opinion. The videos were so dull and boring I couldn't even make it thru the first one, as a matter of fact you couldn't pay me enough money to watch them!! So I complained in a joking way with lots of LOL's and not even asking for a refund, and I haven't heard a word from him since. He obviously took me off his list. Now that's CS at it's finest. LOL!! 

    Sorry this is just my Rant and it is not directed at Justin or Brad. It's just how I see it from a customers point of veiw and Like I said before Hooray Justin!!!People with crappy CS are people that don't get my CC out of my pocket a second time and often prevent the first time. 

    Also one last thing. Sometimes I send Text messages that are perceived as rude or ??? but I never meant it that way, so sometimes we just don't realize we're being rude on paper.
    Of course idle treats are a different story.
    Note: This comment is intended to waste your time and for entertainment purposes only and is no way to be construed as intelligent conversation!! LOL Now wheres that next shinny object?? LOL

  • Scott

    I like your style.  I too have "fired" customers in the past and seem to survive and thrive without them.  They are tiny minority but when the need arises I take comfort that I run my business and life as I see fit.

  • lol.. love it Brad. haters gonna hate. I got no time for them either. douches like that need to be taught not to be douches anyway so you're doing the world a favor.

  • "Contrary to all the social media hippies that want us to think we have to be nice to everyone and sprinkle fairy dust around the world we DON’T have to be nice when people are being douche-bags."

    Just to make a quick point...

    This is precisely what your douchebag customers are thinking.

    A few months back, I was talking to an author about her books, and we were discussing how villains act and think and behave. Because her books don't normally have them, so she wasn't sure how to write one. And toward the end of that conversation, she said "so basically, the villain doesn't know he's the villain."

    And I said "Actually, the villain THINKS he's the HERO. That's what makes him the villain."

    That's why the little gang of serial refunders out there is so hard to stop. They think they're the hero, and you're the villain. They expect you to fight them, because that is what villains do. When you start a service to band together and stop them, they don't see "Captain Morals McHappy and his Ethical Champions." They see "Count Rich Arseholio and his Criminal Gang."

    Not that this makes them any less douchebags, and it certainly doesn't mean you have to be nice to them, but it might make it easier to figure out what will break the mental pattern they're following.

    Which is just as useful to piss them off for your own amusement as it is to be some hippie faggot and try to redeem them.

  • Mobilemensa

    JP - I want to fight you.  LOL

  • Some days I wonder if people read the emails they send with complaints or rude questions about things that are clear in ALL your sales letters etc.

    The way people treat customer service staff (IE ME!) can make me shake my head... I don't let it affect my life but some people do and those who act this way dont care.

    GREAT POST! I hope those who need the lesson read it!

  • Jusitn Popovic

    YES! What an awesome post man.Love it.

    I have a lot to learn from your style and I need to incorporate some of this attitude into my own dealings with customers.

    Again.. the reason I became an entrepreneur was to NOT have to take shit from anyone. That includes customers or potential customers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights man... it is SUPER helpful to me and many others.

  • FYI I am ALWAYS nice to wait staff, door men, cab drivers and anyone else in service. All you have to do is work one day in any of those fields to understand the shit they deal with for no money.

  • MobileMensa


    Steve Jobs wasn't nice to some workers but was nice to wait staff and apparently was a good tipper.  What does that say? LOL

    I am the 1% messin' with your line of thought on comment threads! mohahahaha...

  • The problem is that the 1% can royally f-k your world with their misplaced, misguided, emotionally-dwarfed responses to customer service issues.

    I recently read a quote, "The person who is nice to you, but isn't nice to the waiter isn't really a nice person."

    There's never an excuse for not being cordial in a business matter. Emotional responses just shout your amateur status and lack of overall maturity.

  • MobileMensa

    In the past two weeks, I've seen this nonsense in the "real" world of corporate life and online with some products that I have launched.  It's clear to me that the economy is really hitting hard on people and they're making stupid, stupid remarks that have nothing to do with the target (in this case, Brad "Bong" Gosse lol) but everything to do with them! 

    When I started IM 7 years ago, I actually felt I was being robbed by some IM guys - and yes, they didn't give a damn about me.  I then discovered Bong Gosse, liked his attitude, his can-do spirit, his openness to help when he could for his client (me) in the face of all his own projects.  I haven't crossed the tipping point just yet, but I am further ahead in that time-frame.

    For those who are just angry about everything, get it through your skull.  It's mindset.  You've been trained to be an idiot and negative - change that, accept that others are doing brilliant things, look to them for inspiration (and help), and just get a move on.  We've all been programmed to be told NO to everything and that we can't do this and that.  Shut off those voices in your head and from the people around you and stop being angry! 

    The one that still boggles my mind -- as an academic graduate, I am "impressed" by the high school drop-out running this site and the sheer brilliance and innovation he brings to the market on his own resources.  This guy is a true survivor and because he survived, he really can't be too concerned about angry losers who do nothing but whine and bicker.  But he will speak his mind.  And let you know straight out how he feels.

    I personally have been extremely annoyed by some of the racket on WF and the "dead trolls" that are roaming to ruin the efforts of others.  Get out of there if you can't take it and move on!  Leave everyone else alone.  Brad's entire personality is build on his online businesses and reputation.  Do you think for one minute he's going to blow that all away - that's REAL CURRENCY in the online world.  And sometimes you need to tell people to stick it, even if it hurts them!

    His latest product, Content Primer, is a real send from the land of Steve Jobs because it protects product people who spend tireless hours producing their work...only to see it pirated OR refunded by jack-asses who have no real intent to buy.  The real pain is that stupid refunds impact you through Paypal.  Time to get tough and as a collective of entrepreneur stop these losers from ruining our businesses!

    Well said Brad.  Now, I need to apply some fairy dust and go take dump!

  • HAHA Great post!

    Did someone really mention Dateline NBC? 

    "To Catch an Internet Marketer" -- The next great reality TV phenomenon.

  • Keep in mind. 99% of my customers are awesome. This is a rant about the 1% and how I handle them publicly :)

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