• Yes content is must be unique and informative.

  • i am new here, was searching for white background video recording tips in youtube and found your video. seriously, you are doing a great job and me added to one of your subscriber now :) gonna watch more youtube videos in your channel. keep rocking.


  • will this still work AFTER the PENGUIN update? Also, I just want to clarify, are the contents really going to be unique? About how many words will there be for each post? 

  • Drew Stevenson

    I would assume, but I have to ask. Is the drip fed content optimized as far as keyword density?

    Also, I'd like to know if there is any reference to traffic generation to the blog(s) we might choose?

    Just doing what comes natural to me, investigating ALL avenues related to the ultimate success of the venture, whatever that may be.

    Thank you for such a GREAT service!

    To Your Continued Success,

  • Wdockett

    is there another way to buy except paypal, I keep getting bumped out only from your site

  • Tony

    Can anyone tell me please? Can the blog be about any subject rather than personal development. I want to use it to promote my existing web site.

  • Kay

    I ordered my first one a couple of days ago. I'm looking forward to seeing how this will work and how we can add our own content. One question - I just bought the one DFB to start with - will I be able to purchase more at the price offered as an upsell? If not, how much will they be? Thanks,

  • Tony Medina

    Well, I just joined and excited! Looking forward to it.

  • Welcome Tony :)

  • Tammy

    Oh No... I just learned about Google doing a slap on Blog Networks - how will this affect these drip blogs?

  • THis is not a blog network. So no need to worry about shutdowns.

  • Patti

     Iike i said on FB,  I love these blogs, i have over 65K comments on just one of them.  One question I have is that will these still get a ton of traffice being that Google is shutting down alot of the Blog Networks? 

  • THis is not a blog network. So no need to worry about shutdowns.

  • Viv

    Aclacy, Brad and Justin do have a dating blog, it was one of the first ones, it's fairly quick to set up, go for it !

  • Tammy

    Loved the sales page - looks so 50's! While I wait for my blog to be built, I'm reviewing your "7 Day Brainwash" product as we speak. I'm familiar with the benefits of brainwave entrainment so I'm sure it's going to be great! I'd love to get training to reach super affiliate status - thanks Brad and Justin!

  • brian

    is anyone active on here regarding the drip fed blogs? 

  • Yes Brian I am :)

  • G1234ray

    What software do you use to drip the blog posts

  • Wordpress.

  • Aclacy

    Hi guys,
    what about unique content? Or other niches? Anything in Dating or travel?

  • We cover the unique content question on the sales page. Yes we have dating, fitness, recipes and internet marketing niches and are adding more regularly :)

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