Successful business entrepreneur’s entertaining new book teaches online entrepreneurship while dispelling the myth of the pothead loser


  • mark grove

    Enjoyed your chat with Vegas Vince Brad. You have a lot of great innovative ideas on both online and offline ways of doing business. I'm a writer online and currently starting up to eventually make money, and have a regular cleaning biz offline, and yes I still work a JOB. Oh god, The Horror. At least for now.

  • This book rules, read it twice already. 

    It's chronically good.

    Cheers Brad


  • paesean

    Brad ,
    Hat tip to your frankness....undoubtedly, your openness 'weeds out' those followers & clients who are not a good fit . ( OK ...i had to figure out how to build a sentence around my pun). Plz add to book release notification list.

  • You can learn a lot from Brad

  • Patrick Wooley


     Awesome write up bro. Love the title of your book too. I agree with school becoming obsolete and conditioning people to be non thinkers. Kudos to you for having the balls to say it out loud. Thanks for your example of what someone can become when they just use their grey matter a little. Take care and good luck with the book launch. Patrick Wooley 

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