• Loved all your points here Brad and I'm just happy to know I bought my Chronic Marketer copy through the original launch you mention here.

    I'm wondering how you'll launch your next work after this experience though.

  • Congrats on the success. Just heard of you today. i think its awesome you don't hide the fact you smoke weed :)

  • Terrific story Brad and thanks for sharing it.

  • Dale DeLoach

    Great book Brad, enjoyed every page. Reading it a second time. Keep a flying.

  • Ginny

    Brad,  Thanks for taking the time to post this, and I LOVE the book!   Can't wait for the next one, lol.

  • Keith

    I like what you wrote, but it seems too cursory. For example, I have no idea how to find the movers and shakers in my industry who would want to promote my books and ebooks.

    BTW -- I just finished my first week of promoting a new epackage to my list. Now, I have some nice testimonials (introductory price), but I want to roll out into a bigger game. My target audience is small-time martial arts teachers who want to make more money but don't want to fleece their students or get too commercial.

    Brad, did you use any special strategy from a particular book to promote yours?

    PS My 4 copies of your book should arrive tomorrow or Monday. I assume instructions for the ebonus will be included :-)

  • Dave Gardner

    Looking forward to the arrival if the book and using these ideas when I put my lacrosse book on the market

  • all the best

  • Mike Cowles

    Congrats Brad. Great content and ideas. I love that you're truly enjoying life being yourself! =]

  • marklyford

    Great Advice mate, im going to use it all for my book :)

  • Drew Laughlin

    Great stuff Brad... Congrats once again!!

  • LesterLim

    happy to get involved in this launch by mailing and FB-ing about it. Glad that you hit bestsellers status in such a short period of time as well! The Live Broadcast is certainly a great idea!


  • Dear me, missed the live cast, but sounds so much fun! Many congratulations - didn't order myself because I am traveling at the moment, but I am looking forward to getting around to it once I am back!

    Is a kindle version in the works?

  • Dean Sueck

    Congrats Brad!

  • E. Brian Rose

    ...From you

  • E. Brian Rose

    Well done, Brad. I loved the live broadcast on launch day. When I steal that idea, you can tell all your friends that I stole it ;)

  • Mike Lewis

    You left off, creating an awesome book that is fun to read and offers great advice. Thanks for letting me be part of your launch

  • Hendrik

    exccelent !

  • Sophie

    smart and fun, that's how I see your business Brad. Well done on the best seller!

  • Congratulations sir.. Wishing you more and more sales...! 

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