• richi

    Love this, thanks Brad,rather than condemn about other works you show which good way to use

  • Wow I thought these were written by you Brad but really cool to know it was premium PLR!

    Looks like Justin's offer is still standing so thanks for the share man, going to see what it is about heh ;-)

  • I love brads sales page more than his products :)

  • mike huffman

    Not sure if that's a compliment, really...
    Sales pages are awesome though, cool that he kind of changed the game. Probably see a lot more like em in the near future. To be fair, he puts out some great stuff, product-wise.

    *hops off of Brad Gosse's nuts*

  • Matson Magleby

    Wow Brad, That is brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

  • nice example Brad. thanks for the tip. :) Justin P does have good PLR. one of the few who I can be sure I'm getting quality from.

  • Brad - and Justin - great content as usual. Appealing visually, too, again as usual. I am so appreciative when I see PLR material being used in innovative ways.

    Efforts such as yours, when people see other marketers going the extra mile, go a good ways to show private label rights in a good light because there are way too many lazy IMers out there who have given them such a bad reputation. Please, keep on innovating and working smart!


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