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  • Zach Dylan

    Must be nice to have this blog

  • Clive

    An interesting method of transforming negativity, I shall have to try it out. Thanks for your insight Brad you certainly have some interesting ways of dealing with this.


    Clive :)

  • Hey Brad, well for a second I thought you actually lived in Vegas man and as soon as I got there I wanted to ask if you were there to grab a beer (or two) but I think you were out of there by the time I arrived.

    Anyway, I never thought you were flaunting anything but just a great time!

    I guess everyone sees what they want to see and I just saw a dude having a wonderful time, anyway, hope you're doing good man and I'm almost done reading your book (fascinating stuff btw) take care! ;-)

  • Lewis Turner

    Completely agree Brad.. took me a few try's of saying it out loud but i eventually got all of the "ways" lol!

  • carlpict

    Brad you are a very inspiring person - I've seen more photo's of people reading your book on holiday than any other publication. 

    I have been surrounded by these types of people in the past and made the mistake of trying to help them up with me... only to be dragged down by their perpetual 'It's allright for you' negativity instead of getting away from them.  

    I learned my lesson then and am grateful for your words of wisdom as I know I will meet them on the way up again! 

    Cheers mate - I love your attitude !!


  • A life with limited or even NO negativity is amazing, versus a life where you are surrounded by negativity it sucks trust me I know. I'm still trying to find a way to escape.

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